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    why agency lets me trust in the Lord

    My whole life I thought trusting the Lord meant putting my life in His hands and just letting Him take the wheel (JESUS TAKE THE WHEEEEEEEEL). I assumed He would tell me where to go to college…but He didn’t. I hoped He would say, “hey Lisi, I need you to serve a mission,” but that did not happen either. I…

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    to those who love an “early returned missionary”

    I’ve spent the last 78 days redefining “full-time mission” and “returned missionary,” building up the courage to decide to not go back out, and learning to be happy about being home, and it has been the weirdest, most humbling journey. I think every returned missionary goes through some sort of grieving period after they come home. We miss the people,…

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    finding my way home to God

    Writing little poems has always been my way of figuring out how I feel about things. There are days when I’m filled with all sorts of emotions, and the only way I can feel sane again is to write them all out. This poem came from one of those days. I was overwhelmed with the to-do lists in life, the…