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BYUradio’s “The Lisa Show”

Here are some of my favorite segments I produced for the rapidly growing show The Lisa Show:

Facebook Likes with Tchiki Davis

You just took the most amazing photo of your dog playing in the leaves in your backyard, so of course you are going to post it on Facebook and Instagram! But then you notice your friend also posted a similar picture, and somehow their post is getting waaaaaay more likes than yours. What the heck!? We’ve all been there, and it can be a huge hit on our self-esteem. Social media companies, like Facebook, are trying to combat this competitive aspect of their platforms. Recently Facebook started testing a new program in Australia that would hide the amount of likes a friend’s post received. But will these new initiatives really make us feel better? Tchiki Davis, author of upcoming book “Outsmart Your Smartphone,” joins us today to explain to us why social media affects us so much and how we can develop a healthy relationship with our phones.

The Wedding Hashers with Marc Alterman

If you are planning to get married in New York, you might be lucky enough to have some surprise guests in your wedding pictures. The Wedding Hashers are a group of runners whorun past the Brooklyn Bridge andtake pictures with as many weddings and recently married couples as possible. But don’t worry about them ruining your wedding aesthetic! The runners wear custom made tuxedo running shirts, so they’ll fit right in! Marc Alterman and his fellow Wedding Hashers join us today to share their experiences running into couples and taking pictures.

Equal Media Representation with Nancy Yuen

Remember the backlash that came when Disney announced they cast a black woman as Ariel in their live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid?” This isn’t the first or the last time the issue of diversity and race in the media has trended on social media. In 2015 and 2016, we had #OscarsSoWhite when all 20 nominees for lead and supporting role awards were white. Last August was #AsianAugust with the release of “Crazy Rich Asians.” So why is this question of diversity and inclusion in the media such a hot topic? Why is it so important to have equal representation in the media? Nancy Yuen, a sociologist and pop culture expert, joins us to explain how the lack of diversity in media affects us as viewers.

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